Calling All Sushi Addicts: Now Sushi Burgers Are Officially A Thing!

Do you love the fresh, crisp taste of sushi as well as mucking about with the savory flavours of burgers? Well, now you can indulge in both with a sushi burger!

People are always finding new ways to consume sushi, first in burritos and now in burger hybrids. This latest foodie trend sees many choosing to swap brioche buns for opulent, sticky grains of rice and filling them with a combination of traditional sushi and burger ingredients.

The trend is picking up steam on social media. Skim instagram and you’ll find thousands of pictures of #sushiburger related posts.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Just like the real thing

#japanese #burgernight #sushiburger

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2. The Unicorn Candy Burger: Vegetable rainbow rice, avocado and tofu.

Sometimes things get really weird in my kitchen. AKA The Unicorn Candy Burger. It's basically the sushi burgers little sister who has an affinity with rainbows & unicorns. Vegetable rainbow rice, avocado and tofu ?? I saw heaps of rainbow sushi, wraps, smoothies & cupcakes floating around lately.. But no burgers. So I'm going to leave this here, and quietly exit and return to being weird in my kitchen. (ps – if you want to create fabulous rainbow rice yourself, just colour it with tiny amounts of turmeric, beet & matcha. It doesn't alter the taste in small amounts, so if you have kids I highly recommend making funfetti rice because it looks so magical) ? Remember, get weird or go home. #sushiburger

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3. Katsu carnage! Don’t eat this with your white shirt on

4. Presentation, texture and I bet it tastes good too. Michelin-star sushiburger?

Just a word of advice: eat with a knife and fork or you’ll end up with broken dreams and a giant mess all over your outfit

What do you think?

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